The definition of homogenize is: to make uniform or similar. In other words, theft of identity.

What could possibly be wrong with a nation that’s standardized, united, integrated, fused, merged, blended, coalesced and combined?

I thought America was supposed to be this melting pot experiment. You come to America and assimilate.

Doesn’t it make perfect sense for states like California to give up “he,” she,” in favor of ze or they.

Earlier I mentioned ‘theft of identity’ by coming up with words that are comfort zones for those who feel the need for them.

“My friend is picking me up at the airport. Oh, there ZE is.”

Most of you reading this don’t know me personally. But I can assure you that the day will never come with I refer to anyone, much less a friend, as a ze.

Even if, in some parallel universe, they want to be referred to as a ze.

Political Correctness Reaches A New Low

Imagine being a first or second grader and having your identity stolen. You’re not a he or a she you’re sort of an it.

Sounds like a cousin of the Addams Family.

Surely the day will come when intelligence will return to a currently dysfunctional America. We’ll all sit back and laugh at how dumb we were to act that way — much like we bemoan the fashions of the 1970s.

Some Final Thoughts

Each morning we leave our humble abodes and enter a world of egg shells. Be careful where you walk.

The most innocent remark is likely to offend someone. Best just to keep silent, do your job, and make your way through your homogenized workplace.

Then you can return home, pull the drapes and be as politically incorrect as you like. At least until someone passes a law where that’s no longer allowed at home.

Oh, and no straws allowed either. Don’t get me started on that one.

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