I spend a lot of time searching the net doing show prep and just trying to keep up with the listeners. And that is not always easy. We have some pretty sharp people listening. Every so often I like to pass along interesting sites I’ve found during my searches.

Learn, Baby, Learn

There are many sites that are more than happy to teach you all sorts of things.

  • khanacademy.org – Need to know something about history, medicine, chemistry or computer science. Here you will find thousands of lectures on a host of interesting topics.
  • unplugthetv.com – Who says there’s nothing on worth watching. This site will pick an educational video at random for you to check out.
  • coursera.org – This site connects with universities and puts various courses online for you to use at no charge.
  • duolingo.com – Need to learn a second language? You can do it here for free and help with web translation at the same time.
  • openculture.com – A host of free learning resources including textbooks, videos and films.

Some Fun Sites

There are a ton of sites that can teach you but still be entertaining. Might be the answer to video games for your young student.

  • freerice.com – If you like quizzes you can go here and try your hand at some multiple choice questions. Added perk, you’ll also be helping end world hunger.
  • memrise.com – Need to learn a topic quickly for maybe a radio show? Here’s your site. Flashcard learning at your fingertips.
  • charitynavigator.org – If you are not familiar with a group that wants your dough you can check them out here.

Sites to Help You Change Your Life

There are many sites on the net that can help you with life’s challenges and to improve your lifestyle.

  • quora.com – Ask questions on a wide variety of topics. Answer questions on topics you know. Pick your topics and interests and share your experiences with others.
  • artofmanliness.com – Being a man isn’t as easy as we make it look. Need more man stuff? Here’s your site.
  • thedatingspecialist.com – Dating scene giving you problems? This weekly blog might help.

Some Final Thoughts

I often wonder if we are blessed or cursed to live in the times we do. Life sure seemed simpler when I was growing up. Finding information meant going to the local library and examining scores of books. Now any information is within reach with a few keystrokes.

The Internet is much like a large city. There are good areas and bad areas. There are good people and bad people. But as long as you know that the net has a lot to offer. Check it out.

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