Monday through Friday some of us wake up before everyone else and head to work. Which usually means we are out driving before the plows, or with the plows. My drives to work are usually very peaceful.

When I head to work it is just me, the road, and some good tunes. This morning the snow joined me on my venture. The roads had not been plowed yet but were smooth. Coming to a couple of stoplights, it was a bit icy so slow down.

We have gone over winter driving tips in the past, but just remember, it takes longer to get somewhere if you are in an accident or pulled over for speeding. Keep you and your fellow drivers safe and follow the laws.

The snow made its way into Bozeman overnight and has left a beautiful winter scene throughout town. The Ski Resorts are happy to have over 2 inches of fresh snow for the skiers and boarders. My neighbors were heading to Bridger last weekend and I am sure will be heading out again today.

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash
Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

There are certain people and pets that love fresh snow, and some that do not enjoy it. Those haters may want to consider where they are living...just saying. Dogs in the snow are probably one of my favorite sites to see, and I don't think you can disagree.

Kids love a good snowfall, especially when they can grab a group of friends and head to the hills, and speed down on a sled. Grab your pets, your friends, or your skis and enjoy this beautiful morning winter weather.

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