It's not exactly breaking news that bears will eat just about anything. But, there's somewhat recent video that shows a couple of family dogs getting big time ticked that a pair of grizzlies are eating their Kibbles 'N Bits.

I saw this shared a few days ago by Distinctly Montana. It's a video that shows an encounter that I believe happened in August of last year. Two grizzlies can be seen breaking into a shed which stores that family's dog food. The dogs were not pleased.

Imagine the dilemma of the home owners. In a battle between grizzlies and your family dogs, the dogs are not gonna win. At the same time, if they intervene they're not gonna fare well if the bears come after them. Decisions, decisions.

Then there's the financial aspect of having bears eat all of your supply of Kibbles 'N Bits out of that shed. How many bags of dog food could a bear eat? Answer: as much as they want.

Fortunately, this encounter appears to have ended with no harm to bears, dogs or humans. As far as the dog food, well that's another story.

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