The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office recently shared a frightening video of one of the dangers that law enforcement officers face during the winter in Montana.

The footage is from the dashcam of Gallatin County Deputy Sheriff Adam Dunlap. Deputy Dunlap was assisting a motorist on Interstate 90. The motorist was in the median and had apparently driven off the road during a recent snowstorm.

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While Deputy Dunlap was assisting the motorist, you can see a pickup travelling in the opposite direction traction and spin out of control. The pickup flies into the median and crashes into another car that had gone off the road, and almost takes out Deputy Dunlap. The frightening incident near Bozeman was captured in its entirety on Dunlap's dashcam.

Watch the video below

Fortunately, no injuries were reported. The video serves as a great reminder to take it slow when road conditions are less than ideal during the winter. It's also very important to stay out of the way of emergency vehicles along interstates and highways in Montana. This could've ended a lot worse.

According to the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office, between 2007 and 2021, there has been 220 line of duty deaths due to vehicle strikes with an additional 34,700 officers injured due to motor vehicles.

With the influx of new residents in Montana, many new drivers in the state may not have adequate experience when it comes to driving in winter conditions. Always give yourself additional time to reach your destination and increase your following distance.

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