Living in Montana we are a bit isolated from the strange, eccentric and just down right weird. Luckily the internet grants us instant access to such stories while maintaining our safe distance from the insanity. Check out inside for this week's strangest stories from around the web.

A pet can't really make a sign himself can he? Non profits all over are now starting to collect pet food to distribute to pets under the care of homeless. Would you be more likely to donate food for a homeless pet or a homeless person?

Munition Truck Hits IED and Begins Shooting Rockets Aimlessly Into The Air

How scary would this be? The camera man in this clip is extremely brave to continue filming as rockets launch in all directions.

Google Is Creating Visual Display Modules Titled 'Glass'

This looks absolutely amazing. Hopefully it's not some sort of prank because I could totally see this happening. We already have the thick rimmed glasses becoming popular again so all the hardware would fit. Maybe contacts? P.S. Read the comments on the YouTube page, they are pretty hilarious!

After days of a filth filled elevator (fesses and urine) cameras and a lab test are being conducted to determine if the offender is man or canine. I wonder if the other tenants have bets going on which it will be.

They won't know what they can't have if they never know it right? Did that make sense? Either way, this seems kind of cruel to deny the opportunity for that precious childhood memory of a racing heart as you beg and plead your parents for any change to get a tasty treat. Do your kids chase after the ice cream truck in your neighborhood? I still find myself fighting the urge every time I hear the jingle coming down the street. And with a summer as short as Bozeman's, I salute the man who invested in an ice cream truck in such a climate. Thank you sir!

April Fools Day Pranks

This past Sunday was April Fool's Day. It's the one time of the year you can get away with just about anything. Did you enjoy an great pranks? While you plan for next year, watch these great ones we found around the web.

Fake Vomit Prank Will Make You ROFL

World's Biggest Umbrella?

Quadruplets Prank

Zorro Will Save You!

Money Stuck To Your Shoe Prank

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