Like most tourists in Florida, Gus Hertz was probably just hoping for some relaxing time in the sun. Instead, the Virginia man became a hero after rescuing three people in two separate incidents over a two day period. Well, that puts us to shame. The most we ever managed on vacation is a mean case of sunburn.

On June 13th, Hertz and his wife witnessed a man drive off the Pinellas Bayway after going into diabetic shock. He and a fisherman were able to pull the man from the submerged car and save his life.

A day later, Hertz was sailing in St. Petersberg and saw an ultralight aircraft crash into the ocean 500 yards from his boat. Hertz immediately responded to the scene and saved the 74-year-old pilot and a 55-year-old passenger.

“Bless his heart,” said the pilot’s daughter. “He seems to be in the right place at the right time. He’s a guardian angel, isn’t he?” Superhero is more like it, we think.

As for Hertz, he downplayed the incidents as “dumb luck” and said he was more concerned with people’s safety than taking credit for his heroic efforts.

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