The process of cutting staff and budgets at the University of Montana to match reduced enrollment is continuing step by step.

UM Vice President for Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr said comments are being gathered all this week from various campus groups.

"Right now, the leadership for the faculty senate and the Associated Students of the University of Montana are reviewing all the comments that came through and will be delivering summaries of the president's plan in early December," Kuhr said. "We'll use those to consider specific next steps. Also in early December, any proposed reduction of personnel plans must be sent first of all the the Vice President for Finance, Mike Reid, and also to the head of human resource services."

Kuhr said the process of cutting staff proceeds along several different lines.

"HR has to go through all the applicable policies and procedures," she said. "In many cases there are also union agreements, so that has to followed to the letter. That review will take place through December. In January, final decisions will be made, and anyone who is affected as an employee will receive notice from HR and will sit down with each individual to discuss available rights, along with what the agreements are and what their status will be. so, we're looking at a process that will last through January."

Kuhr said because so many decisions will involve personnel, they will not be made public through official press releases, to maintain the privacy of those affected. 52 faculty positions and 149 non-faculty positions are set to be cut from the university's budget due to continued reduced enrollment.


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