Tyzen is a comedy hypnotist/magician who was on my show Dominick In the Morning today. I was excited because I had seen his videos and had lots of questions. I also thought it would really cool for my listeners to see him in person at the Big Sky Country State Fair.

Tyzen has been a performer for over 20 years and says he started when he was 15 years old. According to his resume, as a child he happened to see David Copperfield on television. That was it; he was hooked. He was going to be the next Copperfield. Tyzen (do I have to tell you that's his stage name?) set out to learn everything he could about the art of illusion and magic.

Working as a magician, Tyzen one day met another magician who also did hypnotism. He thought he wouldn't like it at first, but he tried it. He liked it; no, loved it.

Tyzen said: " I enjoyed working with the audience. It was fun."

He stayed with it and now, as an adult, he has traveled all around the country with his act. Tyzen is now a master at his art and told me he has even hypnotized himself to stop smoking...wow.  Take a look at his show.

If you are going to the Big Sky Country State Fair you have to see his show, but be ready to laugh.


From www.tyzen.com
From www.tyzen.com