Two University of Montana grads: cinematographer Alex Pollini and gaffer Sean Clark, will be paying very close attention to the commercials at this year’s Super Bowl and for good reason, they may win a portion of $1 million.

Pollini and Clark both worked on a commercial for the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl Contest.” Their commercial is called “Baby’s First Word,” but Pollini says he was hesitant to join the project at first.

"I had actually done one or two of these Doritos commercials before," Pollini said. "They're a little bit daunting, because you're going up against 5,000 submissions and you feel like you get buried and you're not sure if your spot will actually ever get seen by anybody."

Pollini says he jumped on the project when he saw that the director was serious and had screened more than 10 different babies for the lead role in “Baby’s First Word.” It’s a good thing he did, because the commercial is now one of just 10 finalists. If enough people vote for it online, it could mean $1 million to the production crew as well as a prime time showing during the Super Bowl.

"You can support us by going to and voting for 'Baby's First Word,'" Pollini said. "We ask everybody to take 15 or 30 seconds out of their day to go vote and get this on the map for the University of Montana. Let's make it happen."

The voting portion of the contest will go until January 28th.

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