It’s a sad day in America. The Russian summit between President(?) Trump and Vladimir Putin turned into a Mexican children’s party with Trump being the piñata bashed by both Putin and the American press.

When asked directly about Russian meddling Trump fumbled the ball on the goal line. His one chance to be an American President was lost as he threw the American intelligence community under the bus along with all those who voted for him.

This might have been his Waterloo, his Alamo.

Conservatives were rightfully outraged when President Obama went on a European apology tour and making America a second-class nation in front of the entire world.

Did Trump do any less today? He might as well have compared our intelligence committee to the Three Stooges or Deputy Dog.

After standing up at NATO and again demanding that countries pay their fair share he bends over and grabs his socks when meeting with Putin.

It’s hard to imagine what Israel and Japan must be thinking. What message does this milquetoast performance telegraph to China, North Korea, The Middle East?

The Facebook “unfriend button” of world leaders with Trump must be melting down in an effort to distance themselves as far as possible from this paper President.

No Fake News to report on this day. No walking it back, no making atones.

Some Final Thoughts

The Trump apologists have nowhere to hide. Even Fox News is sounding more like MSNBC or CNN in view of today’s events.

Today Trump lost much more than the respect of his loyalists. He lost the Senate and very possibly the house. Every Democrat in a red state now has the necessary information to carry the day in November. Trump is now the Anti-American president.

Maybe I should have listened to my liberal friends who said, “I told you so.”

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