The Butte St. Patrick's Day parade may be canceled, but Butte, Montana's Tim Montana will be rocking Big Sky Country in Dillon on March 17th. But that you likely already knew. What you may not have known is that one of Tim Montana's latest songs was just played at the Grand Ole Opry by the legendary country music artist Travis Tritt.

Honored is an understatement... Thanks Travis Tritt for recording our song. Thanks Jeremy Bussey and Derek George for letting me jump in on this one.

That's what Tim Montana had to say on his Facebook page as he shared this story from

“Smoke in a Bar” is the latest release from Travis’s upcoming albumSet in Stone, his first album in nearly 14 years...The studio version of “Smoke in a Bar,” which was written by Jeremy Bussey, Derek George and Tim Montana, will be released next Friday, March 5.

The song starts around the 27 minute mark in the below video from the Saturday Night Grand Ole Opry Show, and it is a great song. It will take you back for sure.

I don't know about you, I never liked cigarette smoke (cigars are another story), but there is something very nostalgic about this incredibly well-written song. It's a song about how times have changed. How neighbors used to just drop by and say hi. When you'd hang out on your front porch. When the "world turned slower." When you didn't have to lock your doors at night. And yes, when you could still smoke in bars.

Give it a listen below.


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