There are facts and there are facts. Some facts are very useful while others are just things that for some reason bring a smile to your face that you know them and will really impress your friends at the water cooler. Here are some really totally useless facts to bring up in conversation.

Did You Know?

  • There is a species of Australian earthworm that grows up to ten feet in length.
  • The ostrich probably sticks its head in the sand because its eye is bigger than its brain.
  • The light that hits our earth left the sun 8.5 minutes ago.
  • James Bond might be British Secret Service but the international telephone calling code for Russia is “007.
  • Next time you are face to face with a crocodile look closely and you will see that its tongue is attached to the roof of its mouth.
  • Have you ever wondered why your stomach doesn’t digest itself? The reason is the new mucus layer that we produce every two weeks prevents that from happening.
  • You might want to think about dusting your house more often. The majority of dust in most homes is just good ole dead skin cells. Comforting huh?
  • The Winter Olympics are coming up and you should know that a gold metal must contain 92.5 percent silver.
  • You might want to check which direction the end zones in the Super Bowl are facing. A football will travel farther if thrown to the west due to the rotation of the earth.
  • There is only one continent that has no area of land below sea level – Antarctica.
  • Who is the first president to be born in a hospital? Jimmie Carter.
  • The Monumental Axis in Brazil is the world’s widest road. One hundred sixty cars could drive side by side. Talk about road rage waiting to happen.
  • Maine is the only state in the union that is a single syllable.
  • Fred Rogers of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” was an ordained minister. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
  • If you are standing on the highest point in Pennsylvania, you are lower than the lowest point in Colorado. So look up.
  • How can you tell if an ant is intoxicated? Easy, it will always fall over on its right side. Not sure what a fall to the left indicates.
  • If you will build it, they will come. Contractors pour one ton of cement for every living person in the world each year.
  • The only month in recorded history that did not have a full moon occurred in February 1865.

Some Final Thoughts

I doubt any of these facts will help you at work or get you that promotion. I also wonder who spends time even thinking about these things. They are somewhat interesting but absolutely useless in your everyday life. So enjoy them and feel free to pop them out at cocktail parties or around the water cooler. Any totally useless facts you’d like to share?

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