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There are things in this world none of us really understands. But there are some facts that will give you a small advantage as you pass through this life.

Here are a few.

Useless Facts You Need To Know To Get Through Life

  • When you flip a coin with someone pick the side that’s face up before the flip. You’ll have a 51 percent chance of winning.
  • If you happen to be a Catholic follow the Pope on Twitter. According to the Vatican, your time in purgatory will be reduced.
  • If you’re short, drive more carefully. The closer you sit to the steering wheel the greater the chance of being killed by the air bag.
  • If you read in bed, it’s important to know that you’re an librocubicularist.
  • Watch what you put on a personalized vanity license plate. A California man received more than 2,500 parking ticket for his “No Plate” plate.
  • Your brain remembers more negative memories than positive ones. Negatives are like danger so the human brain remembers those to help defend you in time of danger.
  • Always ask your date his or her Zodiac sign. The most common signs of serial killers are Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius.
  • Forget the markets — think fashion. According to sociologists women wear longer skirts when the economy is bad and shorten them when times are good.
  • If there’s something strange in your neighborhood … it might be one of the 300 registered superheroes in the US.
  • Better safe than sorry. Water guns were banned at both the Republican and Democrat Conventions but real guns were okay.
  • Save on airline baggage costs. A Chinese man avoided the charge by wearing 70 items of clothing on the flight. Buckle up.
  • The Cobra Effect is when a possible solution to the problem actually makes the problem worse.

Some Final Thoughts

I hope these facts will reduce some of the pitfalls you’ll encounter in your day-to-day existence.

I know they’ve certainly helped me. Especially that Cobra one.

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