It's finally here; it's Cat/Griz week and the Brawl of the Wild happens this Saturday at Bobcat Stadium. As an added bonus, we now know that ESPN College GameDay will be present as well.

This will be the 121st meeting between the two rivals, and there is a whole lot on the line.  The Bobcats are looking for at least a share of the Big Conference Title as they look to go undefeated in Conference play. The Cats' only loss of the season was a road game against Pac-12 team Oregon State earlier this year.

The Griz have bounced back in the last couple of outings after losing 3 games in a row, all to Conference opponents. They're also in possession of the Great Divide trophy after beating the Cats last year in Missoula.

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There will be lots of Griz fans in town this weekend, and if you're not careful, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable position. So, for your sake, I've come up with a list of ways to spot a Griz fan, so you can avoid them.


They Travel in Packs

You will rarely see them alone. So, if you find yourself out and about and there are a group of people that are dressed in some sort of goofy maroon and silver outfit, chances are they're Griz fans. If you engage in conversation with them and they don't make a lot of sense, then you know for sure.

They Aren't Very Good at Math

Here's a warning to all of our local workers in the service industry in Bozeman. If you serve a bunch of Griz fans, and it seems like they're not very good tippers, keep in mind that might not be the case. With a graduation rate that is almost 20 percent higher at Montana State than at the University of Montana, we're just better at math here in Bozeman.

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They Wear Offensive Clothing

Not known as snappy dressers, you will see many of them wearing clothes that are just downright offensive. Be prepared to hide your children's eyes if you encounter a group of them, as you will no doubt see many of them wearing articles with the letters FTC.

They Smell

If you are surrounded by Griz fans and there is an odd smell in the air, don't be alarmed, that is entirely normal. What you are actually smelling is the stench of arrogance, and it is very common among fans of the University of Montana. My recommendation is a hot shower soon after the encounter, and you should be fine.


In all honestly, this might be the biggest game in the history of this storied rival. It's the biggest game of the year for Montanans, plus the most popular college football show on the planet will be here to talk about it.

If you're a fan of Bobcat football, this is Christmas come early.

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The day was hot and so were the Bobcats. The first game of the season against McNeese State, and the Bobcats were ready to send those Cowboys back to the south.

Temperatures close to 100 degrees, didn't stop our Bobcats OR their dedicated fans. Bobcat Football brings out fans of all ages to cheer and be a part of a dream for many youth. Future Bobcats right here? I hope so, they already have amazing spirit!

The Bobcats took the win with ease, staying one step ahead of the McNeese Cowboys, the team looked fresh, ready, and the end score proved they were ready to come out on top of the season opener.

With a final score of 40-17, the Bobcats put the southern boys back on a plane with their first loss of the season, and the first win for our Bobcats.

Week two is just around the corner with a home game on September 10th, which also brings the Military Appreciation game. Just one way we love to show our Military Personnel an extra THANK YOU.

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, be listening to Derek and Megan in the morning on 100.7 XL Country ALL week for your chance to score a pair of tickets to the next home game.

Also, make sure to stop by our XL Country Tailgate to register to win concert tickets, gift cards, and of course, MORE BOBCAT TICKETS than any other station. GO CATS GO!


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