If you've ever traveled on Interstate 90 through Idaho from Montana, then you've driven through Wallace.

Wallace is a cool little town that is quite scenic. The town was featured in the blockbuster hit Dante's Peak back in 1997 which starred Pierce Bronson and Linda Hamilton. The movie deals with (spoiler alert) a fictional super volcano that ends up erupting and destroying everything around it.  The special effects are cool and it's a decent plot.

However, that's not what the town is most famous for.

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Back in the day, Wallace was a local hub for many of the silver mines that were located in the northern part of Idaho. People would come to town for food, supplies, and a little social time.  Some of that social time could be considered a little more intimate if you will.

Credit: Oasis Bordello Museum Facebook Page
Credit: Oasis Bordello Museum Facebook Page

Yep, we're talking about the oldest profession in the world.

It's no secret that many towns have a "history" when it comes to this sort of activity, however, most don't embrace it, which is why Wallace is just a little different than the average town.  Not only does Wallace embrace their past, but they also have a museum to celebrate it.

Credit: Oasis Bordello Museum Facebook Page
Credit: Oasis Bordello Museum Facebook Page

It seems that the "Oasis Bordello" was in business up until 1988.  In fact, an old-timer friend of mine living in Missoula once told me that there were several Montana boys that would make their way to Wallace once they turned 18.

These days, the bordello is known as the Osais Bordello Museum and is open for tours.  Not only will you get to see fun artifacts from days gone by, but you'll also get to tour the rooms and see a list of names from fellas that decided to go ahead and use the "services", although I would suggest you proceed with caution, it might be embarrassing to see a possible family members name.

The Museum has a Facebook page and is open for tours by appointment.

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