For years, the world wondered who was the Unabomber. The individual that terrorized a nation for two decades by sending bombs through the mail has passed away.

While the Unabomber who would later be identified as Ted Kaczynski, was a man that would send more than a dozen bombs that would end up killing three people and injuring many more. Kaczynski was able to avoid authorities for several years and it would be a family member that would help law officials catch the elusive hermit.

In a plot twist, Kaczynski would request that the media publish his 35 thousand world manifesto entitled Industrial Society and its Future and he would stop the killings, and when they did, that would lead to his arrest. His brother would turn him in after he and his wife recognized the writing to be Kaczynski.

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While folks speculated who the Unabomber was, in the end, he was a brilliant man that was Harvard educated with an incredibly high IQ and was a professor and worked at the University of Berkely before retreating to the Northwest and becoming a hermit living in the wilderness here in Montana.


Kaczynski would build a small cabin outside of Lincoln Montana and that is where Federal Authorities would arrest him on April 3rd, 1996. Inside the cabin authorities would find bomb-making materials, plus thousands of pages of handwritten journals which included writings on how to make bombs.

Kaczynski would be sentenced to life in prison and was incarcerated at the ADX Florence, which is a supermax prison in Colorado.  He would remain there until 2021 when he would be moved to a North Carolina facility due to poor health.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Kaczynski was found unresponsive in his cell earlier today and was pronounced dead at a health facility.  He was 81 years old.

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