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I’m not entirely out of touch when it comes to men’s fashions. I know where my pants cuffs should fall and how long my tie needs to be.

But seeing these hip young stars on late night TV interview shows makes me wonder if all fashion rules have gone out the window.

Whoever thought a sweater with your shirt hanging out the bottom was cool? But I guess if one person does it in a high profile venue then you have the OK to ignore all mom’s rules to make you look like a well adjusted, functioning, member of society.

The Right Fashion Statement Can Make You Big Bucks

As far as I know there’s no hard and fast rule about tucking in your shirt. But if you’re not sure if you should or shouldn’t the design of the shirt will give you the following clues:

  • If the front and back are longer than the sides it should be tucked in.
  • If the bottom hem is the same length and falls just below your belt it’s designed to be worn out.
  • If it’s long enough to cover where your legs meet it could be either one but probably should be tucked in to be neater.

How do you make big bucks with shirts? You start a company called UnTuckIt. I know I couldn’t believe it either.

An entire company that makes nothing but shirts that you don’t tuck in.

So you have a choice — a $5 dollar shirt from Walmart that you can leave out or a similar looking shirt from UnTuckIt for $68 to $109.

I’m pretty sure I’ve made my choice.

Some Final Thoughts

You have to appreciate the marketing of a company whose only product is a shirt worn outside your pants.

But the same shirts (not the UnTuckIt Brand) are available anywhere clothing is sold for both more or less.

But you wouldn’t have an official un-tucked shirt would you? You’d just have an off the rack un-tucked shirt and who wants that? No girl friend for you.

You can see the conundrum shirt buyers must face.

Tucked or Un-tucked? What’s your preference?


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