As a kid I worked on our family farm, so I got a lot of sun exposure. Being fair skinned I keep a close eye on anything unusual that might pop up on my body.

Well, my dermatologist found a little spot on my nose that she was not happy with. So she got her big needles and big knife and left me with a nice big bandage right in the middle of my face.

I’m not a big public guy to begin with but doing radio with a parade of guests all week I have to admit I was more than a little self-conscious.

Facing The World

Maybe I’m too cynical, but I always wonder what people are thinking when they see something bandaged on your face.

“Oh gee, that looks bad.”

“Why would you even show up for work with that thing on your face?”

“Is that blood?”

“How many weeks am I going to have to look at this?”

“Did you get in a fight?”

“Are you contagious?”

Ok, maybe some of those are over the top, but sometimes your mind just thinks the worst. After all, no one said, “Hey, nice bandage.”

I wonder how many people thought I was getting a nose job? In a few weeks it will be hard to tell Brad Pitt and me apart.

Some Final Thoughts

I am thankful for some small favors. The longer this goes on the smaller the bandage needed to keep it clean and out of sight.

People do comment on that.

And I remember one of the memorable lines from the movie, The Replacements, “Chicks dig scars.” Not sure the wife is buying that line.

Only a few more weeks to go and I’ll be back to semi-normal. Wonder what I would have done or management might have done if I was on TV daily?

I guess we’ll never know.

Thanks for crossing the street when you see me coming.

But as a final note, skin cancer can be very destructive in a short period of time. Any changes in moles or skin should be checked out as soon as possible.

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