I’m convinced that grownups are becoming an endangered species.

As I watch our political primary system and debates unfold, the demonstrations in our streets, the European refugee situation, Congressional actions, and Wall Street it seems that tactics we used on the playgrounds growing up suddenly seem to be the modus operandi of leaders all over the world.

The United State is certainly not without guilt but our leadership has accelerated the “you owe me” political correctness mentality around the world.

European Grownups Are Gone Too

European workers riot in the streets if it’s even suggested that they lose one week of their 8 week paid vacations.

We seem to throw caution to the wind when it comes to our zombie like desire to help others to the point where we inflict great damage on our own people.

Germany opened its arms to Syrian refugees only to discover that feeding, clothing and housing thousands of people have a cost to those who can least afford it — the working German citizen.

Not to mention the wave of new crimes committed against German citizens.

Other countries, seeing the writing on the wall, quickly closed their borders but by that time the entire camel was in the tent.

Congress is in a political battle ignoring what might be best for the citizens they represent by leaving a seat on United States Supreme Court vacant for their own selfish political reasons for another 11 months or so.

Rule changes are in the works for the Republican and Democrat nomination processes because the powers that be are unhappy with whom the people have chosen.

People aren’t doing things our way so we are going to take our ball and go home.

The will of the people is fine just as long as it mirrors our will.

Workers are taking to the streets demanding more money with no promise of increased productivity or a more positive work ethic.

Give us more money because “you owe us.” Why we owe you, and for what, no one seems to be able to answer.

But it’s the right thing to do because we say it’s the right thing to do. If you disagree then you are obviously a racist bigot. And your mother wears combat boots.

We want our toys and no one else can play with them. No sharing in our world unless it’s forcing the kid with more toys to share them equally with us.

But don’t ask me to share mine. Remember, you owe me.

Those 12 years of free education didn’t prepare us for anything more exotic than flipping burgers. So it’s your fault I don’t have more — not mine.

Give us a trillion dollars in student loans for college then forgive them because we majored in something that will never allow us to pay them off.

As The World Turns

Sometimes I think I’m in a soap opera. The drama is deafening.

I find myself feeling sorry for people who have never known a world without cell phones, big screen TV’s, computers, video games, and fast food.

While we all appreciate having those things the days of having to work to possess them is long gone.

Just charge it. Childish immediate gratification is what I want. And I really don’t care who it inconveniences.

In fact, the richer they are the less I care.

If I don’t like your speech I have no problem shutting down a highway. I’ve decided that you don’t need to hear that message.

I don’t want to hear it so you can’t either — CASE CLOSED!

Only my message is important. What do I care if you’re late for work or your kid’s soccer game? It’s all about me and what I want — not you.

Some Final Thoughts

You’re the one forcing my hand in this deal. If you had voted the way I wanted you to in the first place none of this would be necessary.

I’m in the checkout line and I want candy and I am going to yell and scream until you give it to me. What do I care if there are winners and losers as long as I get my way?

Would you like a little $15/hr. cheese with your whine?

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