Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders love to drop the Double I-Bomb during every speech. What’s the Double I-Bomb you ask?

It’s the Income Inequality Bomb. The people at the top of the monetary food chain have more money than those at the bottom and Bernie doesn’t like it.

Bernie thinks that’s unfair and the wealth of America should be redistributed in the form of free college tuition, family leave, healthcare for all, and a $15 minimum wage.

What’s not to like about all those things?

How Income Works

There’s an impression in liberal circles that once you’re poor you will always be poor and it’s the government’s job to even the playing field.

That kind of thinking is repugnant to those who believe the American Dream still exists in the US.

If you don’t make enough in their progressive eyes then the obvious answer is forced payment so you will make enough. Never mind the problems this causes for the very people they are trying to help.

A $15 minimum wage sounds great on the surface but an employer has to generate much more than that to pay all the company bills, pay the employees, and still have something left over to pay his or her bills too.

It shuts out the entry-level young person who will need skills and experience to survive in the months and years ahead.

You penalize them now by slowing their monetary growth and later in life by reducing their retirement opportunities.

Money at the Top

A small number of people are said to control the vast bulk of the dollars in the world. Buffet, Gates, we all know the familiar names.

So if the poor are poor how do the rich get rich? Where do the poor get the funds to buy the products and services the rich produce?

Is it not possible to rise to billionaire status any longer because all the money is at the top?

People Who Didn’t Get The Memo

The wealth was concentrated at the top when Henry Ford decided cars might be a way to make a good living. The wealth was concentrated at the top when Steve Jobs thought of the Apple Computer.

The wealth was concentrated at the top when two guys thought the Internet might benefit from a search engine called Google.

The wealth was concentrated at the top when Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s franchise.

Some Final Thoughts

The point is that there is no such thing as finite money. The amount of money that can be created is infinite. Anyone, anywhere, with the freedom to pursue his or her dreams can make it to the one percent.

People are doing it every day. At the same time those who bash those hopes and dreams are all running for office and sucking all the inspirational oxygen out of the room.

America is doomed unless you elect me.

The American Dream is just as real today as it was in Henry Ford’s time. You simply have to avoid the gloom and doom prognosticators.

After all if you succeed they have no excuse why they haven’t.

Unless of course the system was somehow rigged in your favor and not theirs.

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