Monday April 23, it's going to happen. According to a new theory the Rapture will occur this Monday. God and I think Jesus will come to Earth. A three-headed beast will fly down from the sky ... well it's all in the bible, you can read it for yourself.

So, if the world will end this Monday, who would you want to spend your last moments with? If I think about it, it would be my parents. But no such luck as they are already dead.

So for me it would be ... no one. I would like to face the end alone.

Who would you want to be with when the end comes?

All the hours you spend at work and all the stuff you have accomplished in your job, maybe die at work? No, you would want to be with your family, your kids, your wife.

So, while I hate these predictions of the world ending on such a day in time, it's kind of okay because it makes us stop If even for a minute to think of what is important in our lives ... not cars, or money, or work ... but family.

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