The Mummy opened in Bozeman this week.

In my lifetime, I think this the fourth or fifth remake of this Universal Studio's film. I worked at Universal, first as a tour guild and later as an actor guest starring on some of their television shows.

Universal is very proud of its monster movies. Frankenstein, the Wolfman, Dracula, The Invisible, Phantom of the Opera and The Mummy were all of their films.

I loved all those movies, but Universal is planning all new reboots of these films. I really don't know why. They are classics. But The Mummy is the first of the planned reboots.

So when The Mummy opened in Bozeman I was excited to see it. The original Mummy starred Boris Karloff, and I always thought it was one of Universal's worst monster movies. It had to be better than the Karloff film. The original Mummy was so dumb. A mummy is found and a curse is placed on the guys and girls who opened its tomb. It was a guy wrapped in gauze with only one arm not bound to him and walking. Yes slower than walking. The mummy would take a step forward and drag his other foot.

It never scared me. All you had to do to get away from this monster is run, even skip. So when this big budget The Mummy starring Tom Cruise opened I was waiting to be scared. I wasn't. The mummy this time is a woman and there even seems to be some sexual tension between the monster and Tom.

The new mummy is not scary, it is an action film. The mummy at first is CG; that means computer generated. I think of CG as a cartoon. It looks fake in this film. I don't fear the film's cast might be killed... I don't even care.

Tom Cruise seems to be phoning it in. Sometimes I feel like I am watching Tom in Mission Impossible. They seem like the same character.

Last week I saw Wonder Woman. It was two and a half hours long. When the movie ended it seemed like the time just flew by. It was really good. This new Mummy picture was about 90 minutes and it felt like two and a half hours.
Luckily Wonder Woman is still playing in Bozeman. Go see that instead.
(The Associated Press contributed to this story)

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