Here's a question for you, when it is ok to decorate for Christmas? Or do we have to wait for Thanksgiving?

I'm curious as to what people have to say, as for my wife and me, we put up Christmas decorations on November 1st, so yesterday.  I mean, we live in Montana and there is snow on the tops of the mountains, if that doesn't scream Christmas time, I'm not sure what does.

When I drive to work and pass the stores in Downtown Bozeman, I'm seeing some Christmas trees in the windows.  Every retail store that I walk into has Christmas stuff out, I mean, it seems to me that we are in full-fledged Christmas mode here, right?

Plus, last year a whole lot of the traditions that we normally partake in, many didn't because of Covid-19.  So, I think if we've ever needed a little Christmas, this is the year, right?

Well, maybe not so fast.

I have friends who say that you can't start the Christmas decorations until you've done the whole Thanksgiving deal.  I mean I get it, I love Thanksgiving too, but isn't that more of a food Holiday?  Do people actually decorate for Thanksgiving? Other than the construction paper turkey the kids make at school and you put on the fridge? Maybe a Pilgrim hat? My wife put a fall themed wreath on the door, but other than that, I can't think of any Thanksgiving decorations.

Gorgeous pilgrim hat
Volodymyr Nedogoda

So, as always I went to Social Media and asked "the people" what they thought and they responded.

Chrystal says "Thanksgiving Weekend"

Emma says "after Thanksgiving"

Kristy says "we took down our Halloween stuff on Sunday and put up our Christmas stuff on Monday"

Amy says "Anytime it brings you joy, but for sure November 1st."

Doug says "I typically start Thanksgiving weekend, however sometimes I go to test the lights between Halloween and Thanksgiving."

Daphne says "Go for it! It’s been a helluva couple years!"

Roast turkey for Christmas dinner

There were a whole lot more comments and to be honest, it looks like the whole "after Thanksgiving" opinion won.  That's cool.  I mean, I still decorated yesterday, but in a world with a whole lot of division and tension...I'm ready for the most wonderful time of year.

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