We've talked often about the influx of high-end luxury cars now driving the streets of Bozeman. Large SUVs and exotic sports cars alike, the caliber of resident vehicles has certainly stepped up its game. So what happened today?

A simple, brief encounter with one of these said insanely expensive cars...right on Main Street. Nothing bad happened, but it was a moment in time that marked 'where we are' as a community to me.

Let me preface this by saying we are car people. My better half and I have always had at least one sports car, usually two. They're not new. They're not expensive. They're not terribly exotic by any stretch of the imagination. But we like to fix them up and drive fast. (Where appropriate, of course.)

We're also fans of Formula 1 and exotic cars...long before Drive to Survive was ever a thing. He's been an encyclopedia since he was a kid, and I've been a constructor sponge along with all the driver histories for at least 10 years. We appreciate fancy cars, and as long as you're not driving like an ass, I'll admire your expensive toy. Good on ya.

However, today made me laugh out loud about what Bozeman now looks like. 

With the gorgeous fall weather, I've been driving our Porsche 944 far more than I normally do. She's got some years and some miles on her, but we've loved her and done a LOT of home garage work to her. But when you glance at that car, you know she can haul some ass, and she's in near perfect shape. Fancy? Maybe a little. But it certainly ain't exotic.

Today as I was driving home on Main Street, my ego-fueling 944 got cut off by an orange Lamborghini Aventador. I don't know if you're familiar with this particular Lambo, but it's FREAKIN' NICE. And freakin' expensive. Like, $800K expensive. I've seen a few local Lambos around here in recent years but nothing like this goddess.

Needless to say, I blame the a-hole driver of said Lambo for the encounter...not the car itself. That driver wanted to be seen, weaving in and out of Main Street traffic, eventually cutting me and my peasant 944 off.

But it was sort of a "Bozemanesque Come to Jesus Moment". I'm driving my 'fancy little sports car' in my town, on Main Street feeling only slightly cool...until I'm passed and cut off by an $800K legit exotic Lamborghini with local plates. That was a trip. Bozeman, we're here now.

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