Just when I think the idiocy of political correctness has reached its peak another unbelievable situation arises.

I guess it’s not enough that we seem to have bathroom confusion, and safe zones on college campuses, now it seems that felons and convicts are no longer felons and convicts.

Calling them that would be some form of insult. Excuse me??

A Felon By Any Other Name …

Thankfully the Office of Justice Programs is on top of this societal travesty. Substitute vernacular is already in the pipeline.

From now on criminals or felons will be defined as, “person who committed a crime.” Convicts will receive the more user-friendly terminology, “individual who was incarcerated.”

Yes, by all means let’s substitute four words for the single word that is perfectly appropriate.

All Words Matter?

Apparently the harsher single word adjectives create, “barriers that officials say hinder progress of those who re-enter society after completing their prison sentences.”

I can understand how telling someone at a cocktail party that you were an individual who was incarcerated. That goes down much smoother than being a convict.

A person who committed a crime sounds so much better than criminal or felon.

Have we really strayed this far off the reality path?

The eggshell free road is getting much harder to find. Each step is fraught with peril that our insensitivity will rise to the surface.

Some Final Thoughts

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like the idea of leaving my home each morning and spending my day trying not to say the wrong thing.

I’m to the point I want to offend someone just to feel normal.

Does any sane person really believe that some hardened criminal gangbanger gives any thought at all to what polite society calls him or her?

Does that make sense on any level?

Yet some office bureaucrat woke up in the middle of the night with a eureka moment and we have two more words removed from our insensitive vocabulary and thousands of pages to rewrite at taxpayer expense.

How comfortable are you opening your mouth these days?

Is “crook” next? Will we have to rewrite Nixon’s biography?

Comments below.

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