This show is one of my guilty pleasures and can show the ingenuity of the teams and people participating. Plus, it would be cool to see a team from Montana compete. 

Many people have guilty pleasure shows that soothe their soul or something they can have on while they are doing chores around the house. Lots of people, like me, love The Food Network.

Their incredible shows range from Guy Fieri's Diner's, Drive-In's, and Dives to Cutthroat Kitchen to endless others. Plus, there have been many restaurants featured on several Food Network shows. There is one food competition show that I would love to see not a restaurant participate in, but a Bozeman food truck. 

The Great Food Truck Race is an underrated Food Network show where people fighting to earn a food truck or people who already have one, travel around the United States participating in challenges. The winner usually receives a prize anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000. 

The question would be, which Bozeman food trucks would actually do well on this show and possibly win? 

There are two Bozeman food trucks that I think would not have a chance to do well on the show but possibly win. The two food trucks are Mo' Bowls and The Matador.

Why these two? Well, Mo' Bowls is one of the most popular food trucks in Bozeman, and they serve up delicious mac & cheese combinations that have been a hit with folks for years. 

Matador, on the other hand, has incredible tacos, but the food truck used to be Knuckle Truck and served American fare. With that kind of diversity, Matador would be able to adapt to challenges as they go. 

Either way, it would be cool to see on TV. Who would you want to see on The Great Food Truck Race

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