At the memorial of Deputy Sheriff Mason Moore, I can't help but think of his wife and children and what might have been.

Until you lose a parent, I don't think you ever really understand the pain the Moore family is going through. You think you are ready, but when I lost my Dad, the pain was unbelievable. I was not ready. I asked my cousin Vera Ann who lost her parents why didn't she tell me about this horrible pain.

Dominick, you wouldn't have understood it until you experienced it there," Vera Ann said. 

Mason's wife, choking on her tears, talked about how they met. He left her a letter in case something like this ever happened. She read, Don't let hate take over your life. Enjoy life.”

I could not speak at my parents' funeral. I admire the strength she had. I wish I would have. I regret to this day I didn't.

Mason's pastor Crow talked about how, besides being his spiritual adviser, they were also friends.

I watch people talk about Mason Moore. He seemed like a great person. You can tell they loved him. Losing this man, we not only lost a peace officer, we lost a kind, sweet soul.

He died because two men, a father and son, who claim they were tired of life. They wanted to commit suicide. It's called suicide by cop. We are learning how sick these men were. They wanted to bring their own children to die with them. What could be more warped than these guys? They had criminal lives. They were selfish and only seemed to think of themselves.

Learning about Mason, hearing about his love for God, family and friends is inspiring. The thing that is really strange is that if the father and son met Mason, if they told him they were in need, he would have helped them.

A kind caring deputy sheriff meets a selfish sick pair of punks. It could have gone a different way. He might have told them about his love for Jesus and how we are all forgiven. We just have to ask.

Just thinking of what might have been, but it didn't happen.

I am sad Deputy Mason Moore was killed, and I am sad of what might have been.

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