If there is one thing Montanans are passionate about, it's definitely who has the best beer in the state. Everyone has their favorite and will fight for them every day. 

Taste of Home made a list of the Best Craft Beer From Every State, and for Montana's choice, some folks might not be too happy. The brewery they chose is not lousy, but the issue is other breweries can challenge this title. 

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Taste of Home says the Best Craft Beer in Montana is Big Sky Brewing in Missoula, Montana. Big Sky Brewing is a fine choice. That brewery is probably the most widely distributed in the country out of Montana. Their Moose Drool Brown Ale is well known, and I am a fan of their Space Goat Pale Ale. The problem is, we don't believe they are the best. 

Big Sky Brewing Company via Facebook
Big Sky Brewing Company via Facebook

Kettlehouse Brewing Co. in Missoula could be considered superior due to its immense popularity statewide and in the Pacific Northwest. Kettlehouse is a staple of Montana craft beer. Their Cold Smoke Scotch Ale is usually on draft in any bar or restaurant in Montana and is a solid recommendation. 

Then there is MAP Brewing Campany and Madison River Brewing here in the Gallatin Valley. Both breweries have incredible reputations throughout Montana and have fantastic distribution. 

Then in Billings, Montana is Uberbrew. Uberbrew is a staple of Eastern Montana beer, is the most well-known brewery in Billings, and has an incredible track record with award-winning beer. 

Uberbrew via Facebook
Uberbrew via Facebook

We could even mention small-town breweries like Meadowlark or Philipsburg Brewing. Both have incredible craft beers but might not be as well known because of distribution. 

I wouldn't pick Big Sky Brewing as the best craft beer in Montana, but that's my opinion. Everyone has their favorite brewery and believes that it's the best in the state. We think that the winner isn't cut and dry as some folks think. 

For more details, check out Taste of Home

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