My favorite thing is flying. I mean, you get on a plane, go somewhere typically fun, and get a few days off. It's perfect. Until you hit a delay. As I sit and wait for my flight, that has now been delayed 3 times, I decide, "well, guess I will grab a beer". Big mistake.

I am at the bar currently venting to you guys, our listeners, and I am stuck next to the "loud talker", the "big talker Betty Crocker" and I put my headphones in to drowned out the madness. Weird...I can still hear him.

We are both from small towns in North Dakota, so I have been asked 14 times, "Do you know...(insert name)." No dude, I don't. And for the 14th time I have said "what?", in hopes of not being asked anymore questions. Now don't get me wrong, I am social, I like meeting new people, but what I don't love, is being one delay away from missing my flight, and wondering how long these people will continue to ask me my life story.

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash
Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

"Where are you trying do go eh?", "You must love to ski since you live in Bozeman", "I like Big Sky skiing better". Listen friend, all I can say is "cool story bro". I could tell you about him and his family if you want? They are going to Orlando because "it's so cheap", "I got my dogs hair cut before we went because they finally had an opening", "tomorrow is supposed to be a little rainy in Orlando". Now they are discussing the price of snowmobiles and used cars. Something that we all know about. Please lift me in prayers.

I can't help but vent, and who better than to my favorite people. PS...thank you people of Bozeman for not making me ever have this experience in Montana. I appreciate you more everyday.

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