Senator Jon Tester today met with a coalition of timber workers, ranchers and conservationists to discuss potential legislation that could complete the land management reform efforts in the Blackfoot Clearwater watershed.

“I have always believed that public lands policy should include logging, recreation, and conservation,” Tester said.  “Land management plans must be driven from the ground up, and with broad support from folks from different walks of life.  I am excited that this coalition of Montanans has remained at the table and it is critical that they know that I will continue to listen and work with them.”

Members of the coalition are now ready to move forward with legislation that will increase conservation to preserve more than 80,000 acres of land and establish new snowmobile areas for recreation use in the Blackfoot Clearwater watershed.

Tester is making it a priority to hear from members of the coalition before moving forward with any legislation.

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