The Guess Who recorded a song called Temptation Eyes. There is even a singing group called The Temptations.

Many years ago comedian Flip Wilson used to say, “The devil made me do it.”

We’ve all been tempted to do something in our lives: Get up the nerve to ask that special someone out or go off the diet because that chocolate cake looks so good.

One cigarette, one drink, one more of something bad won’t hurt me. I can stop any time I want.

The Double-Edged Sword

Some temptations are good while others — not so good.

There might be the temptation to commit a crime because there’s a chance you might get away with it. Spending a little too much time around that tempting co-worker who’s married.

But there is also the temptation to help others. When you see good work done you’re tempted to join in and spread the word.

We’re tempted by TV commercials to give to charities, go to movies, or buy products and services.

Temptation to Addiction

For some the temptation is so great that addiction is the result.

Drug and pornography addiction and pedophilia are all temptations that go too far and in many cases are considered forms of mental illness.

Some Final Thoughts

We’re all going to give in to some form of temptation sooner or later.

The question on the table would be — is that temptation dangerous to you or others?

It could be something like hurting yourself physically by poor nutrition or abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Just because it’s tempting, does not always mean that you have to succumb to it.

So when the waiter brings the dessert tray around you might want to think twice about how powerful that chocolate cake temptation really is.

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