Tornadoes, hail and lightning swept across Georgia, Mississippi and the Carolinas resulting in at least 8 deaths all in very tragic occurrences.

It really does seem that Mother Nature is angry about something.


Associated Press - NPR

Paramedics found the 4-year-old boy, Alix Bonhomme III, wrapped in the arms of his father, Alix Bonhomme Jr. Bonhomme's fiancee, Marcie Moorer, and the couple's younger son were cowering in another room during the storm and escaped injury.

Moorer, who was still in pajamas hours later, said she still couldn't fathom what happened when the storm rumbled through Jackson, a town about 45 miles south of Atlanta. Her 3-year-old son Iysic rode his tricycle around a relative's front yard as she looked on.

"I'm still in shock. It hasn't hit me yet," said Moorer, who was planning to marry Bonhomme in July. "We're just trying to take it one day at a time."

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