Greed makes the world go round. You’ve got it, I want it. But I don’t want it all at once, I want it coming in a steady income stream.

That’s what every human being on earth wants. A steady stream of income to pay bills, have a home, food on the table, clothes on our backs and if there’s any left over, a few frivolous indulgences.

Global Greed

Countries like a steady stream of income too. China is very happy with the amount of products we buy from them. So are Japan and Germany and Malaysia and Vietnam.

When you think about it, Gordon Gekko’s words from the movie Wall Street makes perfect sense.

“Greed is good. Greed works.”

Domestic Greed

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In Gordon Gekko’s world that philosophy doesn’t work. If the poor get poorer the steady income stream dries up.

That’s a recipe for disaster and the rich get poorer too.

The real idea is to make the rich richer and the poor richer too. The more customers there are the better it is for everyone. Counties included.

Companies make products that all income classes can buy. If you are affluent, you buy a Lexus. If you’re not, you buy a used Chevy.

But there are products and services available for all income classes. If there weren’t then the rich would only sell to the rich and the income stream would shrink.

While many will debate that the middle class is shrinking, I would beg to differ. The top of the middle class is moving up while the bottom is shrinking.

It’s a matter of those at the bottom having a better press agent than those at the top.

People start at the bottom of the income ladder and move up. Why? Greed. They want to make more money. Employers are greedy and want better employees so they pay them more because those better employees produce more.

Geed makes everyone dependent on everyone else.

The employee can’t be greedy without the employer and the employer can’t be greedy without the employee.

Some Final Thoughts

Imagine a world where all countries were dependent on each other. Is there much danger of Canada or Mexico attacking the US?

Germany and Japan were once mortal enemies of the United States now they’re valuable trading partners. What changed that? Greed changed that.

Wars become very unprofitable in the long run when greed is factored in. Wipe out your customers and you wipe out your income stream.

The upside is just not worth it.

If wars ever become passé it will be because of greedy dependency.

Greed is good. Greed works. Greed is right.

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