I know there are those who are going to disagree with my title but hear me out before you dismiss me as some pro-Trump wacko.

Every president has been your president — like it or not. I had no problem with Obama — just his policies. I’m sure he’s a very nice guy.

We Have A Process

In America we have a process for electing presidents. It’s not by popular vote and there’s a very good reason it’s not by popular vote. If elections were by popular vote alone Tom Cruise and Taylor Swift should run.

Who cares about issues or needs of the people as long as you’re popular or in the case of Donald Trump — unpopular. In fact the two most disliked candidates in American political history ran against each other in the last election. They both should have lost.

Why Did Trump Win?

Those anti-Trumpsters are having a very hard time processing why he won. He won out over 17 other more qualified candidates. How is that possible?

I confess that never in my wildest dreams could I imagine Donald Trump as president.

Our 1960 and 1980 Olympic hockey teams beating Russia is more plausible than a Trump presidency. Climate change being real is more plausible than a Trump presidency.

So how can the Hillary voter reconcile and come to grips with four years — or possibly more — of Trump?

It wasn’t the Russians. Trump won because people voted for him. Yes, I’m aware that Hillary got 3 million more votes and that says something. It says there are more Hillary voters in New York City than there are Trump voters in Billings, Montana.

Thanks to the Electoral College it’s not how many votes — it’s where those votes are -  that counts. You have to win states, not just cities.

Without the EC 25 major cities would elect every president. Is that the kind of presidential elections we want? You’d never see a candidate for president campaign in Montana ever again.

I would much rather have all 50 states involved in the election than just 10 or 11. Otherwise the election would be over as soon as votes east of the Mississippi were counted. The rest of the country could save a ton by not even bothering to fund voting precincts.

Who Did Trump Speak To?

What groups did Hillary win? She got the black vote, women’s vote, gay vote, college vote, Hispanic vote and union vote.

What groups did Trump win? In my opinion, Trump won the middle class, paycheck-to-paycheck vote that were sick of every vocal group out there getting some kind of help while the middle class was left ignored to pay all the bills.

That group was finally a little tired of it. They were tired of past promises of tax relief, of jobs, or a better America only to find after voting that those were political empty promises.

Trump spoke to those who pay the bills, who felt they were getting the short end of the stick.

Some Final Thoughts

You might feel that Trump is not your president. But going out and burning cars and trashing property won’t endear you to the society that elected him. You just look like selfish, spoiled, elitist brats.

I suspect that had Hillary been elected there would be no mass demonstrations outside any rallies she chose to hold.

It’s time to pull up your big girl panties and realize that our process worked as designed. It’s time to give our checks and balances the chance to work as they were designed.

Trump is your president — like it or not. Time to grow up and support the country. Nothing good can be gained by petty single-issue demonstrations. We need to be united to survive.

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