Yes it’s May 4th or as many movie goers know it — National Star Wars Day. Once more it’s time to celebrate the 427 episodes of the Star Wars movies.

Okay maybe seven or eight. Who can keep track?

In the 1980s, around the time the second or third Star Wars movies came out, I was managing video stores in San Diego and training store managers. So movies were my life at that time.

Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones got home video off and running. While I have seen all the Star Treks, all the Indiana Jones movies, I have yet to watch a Star Wars movie from beginning to end.

I guess I was a bigger fan of Dirty Harry at the time than Luke Skywalker. At least I know Luke’s name and his dad’s name.

A License To Print Money

There’s no way to compute the exact dollars the Star Wars franchise has generated. Billions of dollars for sure. Movies, conventions, action figures, amusement park rides, clothing, toys, food, the list is endless.

But the hits just keep on coming. Moviegoers will line up around the block for the next installment even though Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) is no longer with us.

You Won’t Live To See The Final Star Wars Movie

At least that’s the plan. The first film was released in 1977, or 40 years ago. Those who were in their early 20s then are in their early 60s now.

Even living into their 80s is no guarantee that this franchise will have a final ending in the next 40 years. There’s way too much additional future profits to be tapped.

And future filmmakers will be happy to pick up the baton and carry on making bushel baskets of cash.

Some Final Thoughts

Characters may come and go but the Star Wars franchise lives on and the fascination continues.

So, enjoy May 4th — National Star Wars Day.

And May the Fourth be with you all day long.

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