Earlier this month I posted about the biggest mofro of any spider I’ve seen in years. A dear friend named it "Capt. Cool McScarybody." Well, just moments ago, Capt. Cool came out of hiding and again scared the tar outta me. Take a look:

(Photo by: KKMS)

Yeah, Capt. Cool McScarybody looks about the same size - only because I'm farther away. If you were to see it, it would freak you out as well. But please remember:

Insect Diagnostician Lauren Kerzicnik's reply:

This looks like a cat face spider.  They make large spiral webs and they hardly ever enter the house.  They are usually on porches and decks and, in your case, the garage.  They catch moths and other insects.  They are harmless to humans and keep a lot of things from coming into the house.  They can actually become pretty large by September or October. They are my favorite spiders!

Capt. Cool McScarybody is a GOOD spider - Still freaks me out and the good Capt. is GROWING!