I greatly appreciate the collective outrage anytime someone breaks the law and walks off the boardwalk at Yellowstone National Park, or when some guy in short shorts decides to haze the bison.

"Darwin award winner"..."how come they can't follow the rules?"

We've all seen and agreed with the complaints and collective outrage online. But here's the deal: if you turn a blind eye while people stray across the border and break into this country illegally, then spare us the virtue signaling because someone didn't follow the rules and strayed across the boardwalk.

We don't have a wall full of park rangers to guard Old Faithful. There's nothing stopping anyone from crossing the boardwalk. We expect borders and boardwalks to be honored, but that requires a populace that will honor the law in the first place.

By the way, if you're interested in learning more about Old Faithful. Check out the below video from the Yellowstone National Park YouTube page:


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