Mormon raised and co-creator of the controversial adult cartoon South Park, Matt Stone pairs up with fellow South Park creator Trey Parker to put on a Broadway musical titled 'Book of Mormon'. The play actually moves rather than offends many of the believers in the audience. The Musical opens March 24.

the book of mormon musical

Peggy Fletcher Stack - The Salt Lake Tribune

"Salvation has a name — Salt Lake-y City," croons Nabalungi (played by Nikki M. James) in The Book of Mormon, which opened for previews at the Eugene O'Neill Theater in February and ended with a standing ovation.

The lyrics are ironic, of course, as is much of the story written and directed by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, in conjunction with Robert Lopez, who helped compose the award-winning musical Avenue Q."

Sure enough, the production, which opens March 24, is bawdy and irreverent. Many believers would see it as a blasphemous assault on scriptures, much like the pair's animated TV series. But the satire and tone were not as hostile as many Mormons feared.

"I was expecting to be offended," said Anne Christensen, a 22-year-old LDS New Yorker, "but was pleasantly surprised by how incredibly sweet it was."

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