If you’ve been in business more than ten minutes you’ve read or heard some business guru’s favorite motivational message in the form of a short quote. Hearing the quote is one thing; putting it to work is something else. For most people the quote gives a quick heartbeat increase then it’s quickly forgotten. Here’s how to make some of these quotes part of your business life.

How to Use Quotes

The reason most quotes are not memorable is that people hearing them don’t incorporate them into the business. Benjamin Franklin supposedly said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Most of us sort of understand what that means but why didn’t Benny just say, “Hey dummy, save your money so you’ll have something later?”

Quotes or motivational sayings have to hit home with you. You must be able to say to yourself, “Ah-Haa I get it.” I’m going to start doing that right now.

How to Convert Quotes to Actions

Quote: “The price tag you put on yourself decides your worth. Underestimating yourself will cost you dearly.”

ACTION: Most home based or new business owners usually underestimate the value of their knowledge and expertise. The result? They usually price their products and services too low. The customer gets used to the low price, and when the business owner realizes that he or she can’t survive on the lower price, they lose a customer when the price goes up. Don’t buy the customer; let the customer buy the business.

Quote: “The more you follow others the further you will walk from your own destiny. Follow your own star and illumine the world in your own way.”

ACTION: This is a common mistake many business owners make. They seek advice from those who are unqualified to give it. I know you love your family and friends however, unless they are successfully doing what you want to do they are absolutely unqualified to advise you about anything business related. Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos football team doesn’t get advice from professional golfer Tiger Woods on how to throw a football. Following others will lead you down the wrong road and away from your vision.

Some Final Thoughts

Everything I see, hear or read causes me to always ask the same question. Can this information help me achieve the goals and dreams I want for my family and me? Does this information fit my business plan; does it fit my short or long-term goals? And possibly most important, will this information accelerate my success, without any short or long term negative effects?

Like most business owners, I’m constantly searching for information that will make my business better and stronger. Tough times are around every corner in life. Every business owner experiences speed bumps and in some cases solid walls in building their business.

So is there a quote that fits my final thoughts? Try this one, “When you try long and hard for anything, eventually a moment comes when it happens. The important thing is to keep trying until that moment comes.”

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