Thursday on Dominick In The Morning I will be talking about an organization in Bozeman to help children called Child Bridge. According to Child Bridge:

Montana Has a Foster Care Crisis.  3,454 Montana children have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect.

Child Bridge is a Christian organization that works with kids in the Montana foster care system who are having a hard time finding permanent families to care for them. They find and help support foster and adoptive families connect with a child who needs their help.

So let's break down the name Child Bridge. Child, you know what that is. But what does the "Bridge" stand for? It's about bridging the gap between churches, communities and government.

The thing I like about having a radio show besides making people enjoy getting up in the morning is telling the people of Bozeman what's happening in the news, chatting about politics and maybe sometimes giving the listeners a laugh.We can also do good.

If you listen on Thursday maybe it might move someone to do something, get involved, help a kid in need. Maybe the idea of being a foster family is something you might want to consider.

I have lots of questions for Child Bridge. If you do too, drop me an email or call us live on the air.



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