We all have that one decadent food item. You know the one. When left alone and unsupervised you’d finish every morsel then go out and pick up some more. For me that decadent food would be Snickers candy bars. It’s that cool little candy bar with the caramel and nougat center, covered in chocolate and peanuts. For me, walking past a Snickers display at the checkout counter is a little like an alcoholic trying to walk past a tavern. “Just Say No,” is not always an option.

It’s funny how little things like that can have such a profound effect on our psyche. I walk in Wal-Mart and never give a second thought about that smooth chocolate nutty flavorful treat. But standing at the check out there they are. Neatly lying in their little boxes like predators waiting to leap at their prey. Their colorful brown and white wrappers bathed in glistening florescent lighting. Calling my name like little evil devils complete with the red cape and horns. Oh look, now they’re available in peanut butter or dark chocolate. As if the regular wasn’t tempting enough.

I thought I might do a little looking into my treat of treats and see just what makes them the number one seller in America.

Snickers Stats and Facts

The Snickers candy bar is a brand name of the Mars candy family. The name originated from one of their horses names. The first Snickers bar was introduced as the second product in the Mars candy line in 1930 and sold for a nickel.

Today about 15 million Snickers bars are made each day. Total sales are around $2 billion each year. That means about 5 million people a day chow down on a Snickers bar. I think I’ll buy some stock in the Mars Company.

Diet Snickers?

Thankfully not yet. But, for those of you who are watching your weight you’ll be happy to know that a Snickers bar is only 5 Weight Watchers points. This tasty little 2 oz. bundle of joy has 266, calories, along with 11 grams of total fat, only 8mg of cholesterol, a low 130mg of sodium, 37 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugar. And, along with Baby Ruth, M&M’s (pain & peanut), Butterfinger, Milky Way and Heath bars, Snickers are gluten free.

Snickers Around the World

Snickers was originally sold in Ireland and the UK as a “Marathon Bar.” It’s also been called the “Snickers Munch” bar in some countries.  But in Austria, Egypt, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Slovakia and Sweden, it’s known as the “Cruncher.” I kinda like that name. Some foods don’t always transfer well between cultures and countries. But the Snickers bar seems to be accepted worldwide. In fact the only continent you won’t find a Snickers bar is Antarctica.

Some Final Snickers Thoughts

Snickers make a great topping that you’ll find on your Blizzard from Dairy Queen, they are also available in ice cream bars, ice cream cones, with almonds, dark chocolate and peanut butter flavors as well. After a half hour or so writing this I just discovered there are no Snickers in the house. No surprise they rarely make it out of the store. I guess I’ll have to brave the subzero weather and get a sweet snack before bed.

I guess the toughest decision is how do I want it?