This idea is genius and should probably be used more by small towns. 

If you have been to Lakeside, Montana, you might have noticed a well-positioned police vehicle on Highway 93 as you are entering town. This cop car works to slow vehicles down as they enter the town and make them aware of their surroundings.

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The interesting part about the cop car is that there's no one in the car—ever. The car was used by the Lakeside community to help make Highway 93 safer for folks coming in and out of town, and isn't an active police car.

The Flathead Beacon is now reporting that the cop car, which is named Lucky, will be retired after 14 years of service. The car has had mechanical and electrical issues recently, and the town of Lakeside decided it was time to retire Lucky

Photo by Bruno Guerrero via Unsplash
Photo by Bruno Guerrero via Unsplash

Does this mean there won't be a cop car waiting at the bottom of the hill as you come into Lakeside? Nope. Lakeside has acquired a newer Montana Highway Patrol car to keep speeders honest. 

Montana Highway Patrol via Facebook
Montana Highway Patrol via Facebook

When I was growing up in Polson and would take several trips throughout the year to northwest Montana for sports, shopping, or fun, we were always aware of this vehicle in Lakeside. We never knew when someone would be in the car, and my high school friends and I would always slow down coming into Lakeside. 

Many busy Montana highways and roads tend to go straight through small towns, and speeding is a constant problem. I'm surprised that more Montana towns haven't used this method to keep drivers honest. Plus, the only drivers that would pick up on the tactic are locals. 

As long as you put the car in a spot that doesn't interfere with traffic, a lot of small towns in Montana might benefit from a similar practice. 

For more details, check out the Flathead Beacon

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