While most polling agencies have been busy asking voters to pick sides in the midterm elections, The Big sky Poll run by students and faculty at the University of Montana took some time this year to question Montanans about a topic closer to home than Washington D.C., UM master in Public Administration Program Director Sarah Rinfret explains.

“Not everyone is interested in politics so this is one way to engage and give back to our state,” Rinfret said. “In the spring we did something about what is listed on our state seal and this one is what the highest point in Montana is. We know that only 22% of Montanans know what the highest point is.”

The highest point in Montana is of course Granite Peak, which is in the Beartooth Mountain Range not far from Yellowstone National Park. Most respondents to the poll had no idea.

“Granite Peak 21%, Beartooth Mountains 2.5%, other was about 13% and 63% did not know,” Rinfret said.

Big Sky Poll workers are calling voters right now, gather data that many political teams will be looking at next week. Rinfret says the most recent polling on how the public plans to vote in the midterms will be released near the end of next week.

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