Whoever said, “Knowledge is power,” hit the nail right on the head. Davy Crockett said, “First be sure you’re right; then go ahead.” If you can put those two things together you will come out on top in most arguments, discussions and disputes. Here are some sites I use from time to time to get my points across.

Political Sites

There is a big difference between being “politically correct” and “politically right.” There are all kinds of quotes attributed to politicians. Unfortunately, most are taken at face value, with no real investigation by the reader. Why? Because most people don’t know where to look, or are too lazy to confirm the facts.

That’s where a great site called FactCheck.org comes in handy. If you don’t see the fact check information you need you can ask for it. So the next time you hear or see a post on social media, or hear it reported somewhere, you can enter the conversation not only armed with the facts, but you can post links to prove the report was either right or wrong.

I’m not sure anyone knows how many government agencies there are so you can see the challenge to find government statistics on various agencies to make your case. Thankfully there is a site where an awful lot of them are all in one place.  FedStats.gov should help you get off to a good start to finding the government info you need.

The Law

Jennifer Bordy and I chat every Friday morning about the law, constitution, and the Supreme Court. But where do you go when Jennifer’s not on the air to settle those legal disputes? One good web site to turn to is FindLaw.com.


We saw what a great job the news media did reporting the facts on the Boston bombing recently. First they reported an arrest then no arrest. Local papers and TV stations often do a much better job of sifting out the real truth because they have the local contacts.

To get the best info on a story locally I look at AllNewspapers.com. You can get the inside info from local reporters who are on the scene around the world.

Some Final Thoughts

Obviously there are a lot more sites than this that I use to find things quickly. And I’ll be adding to this list from time to time. These sites should get you started holding your own with most folks when opinions differ.

Just remember that famous quote from Abraham Lincoln in 1866, “Just because you see it on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s right.”

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