(Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)
(Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

There are many holidays that are commercial windfalls for business but should they be? Christmas is the largest of the year and many people take exception because the commercialism often overshadows the real reason for the season.

Thanksgiving is a major commercial holiday for food and drink. In fact more liquor is sold on Thanksgiving eve than any other holiday or event including the Super Bowl.

Are We Losing The Meaning?

Today we celebrate, (I’m not sure celebrate is the right word), Memorial Day. “Happy Memorial Day” just seems wrong somehow.

It’s a day of reflection and remembrance. I suppose a case could be made to celebrate the life of those no longer with us rather than morn the loss.

But nevertheless I can get a deal on a garden hose or a pair of slacks if I hit the stores today.

And I’m not sure Memorial Day is the holiday that should be a sale day.

While the TV and newspapers are filled with events scheduled by V.F.W.’s and American Legions across the country many really don’t fully appreciate the meaning of this day.

Right or wrong, people died serving their country on this day. Many brave men and women make the supreme sacrifice for the betterment of the rest of us.

I’m not sure that justifies getting a deal on a mattress.

Some Holidays Should Be Commercial

July 4th should be a celebration. We celebrate the birth of our nation. It’s not a giant sales day but you can get a deal of franks and buns.

Halloween is another. Buy some candy, dress like an idiot, and have some fun. It’s a great holiday for both kids and adults.

Labor day is a celebration of our hard work chasing the American Dream. Also not a big sale day, but here again, the meaning of the day is not diminished by a sale at Penny’s.

Some Final Thoughts

For some people holidays are times of great joy for others a time of great sadness. But each holiday has special meaning to many people.

All of us experience the loss of a loved one in our lives. While Memorial Day is directed mostly at military service many take time out of remember those closest to them who are gone.

I hope this day is a day of comfort and peace for you and your loved ones. Maybe it can be a “Happy Memorial Day.”