While the postgame scuffle in the NFL between San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh and Detroit’s Jim Schwartz captured the headlines, Vanderbilt and Georgia did their part to show that dust-ups between coaches aren’t limited to the pros.


The Southeastern Conference is looking into a postgame confrontation on Saturday between Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin and Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.

Both sides agree the game was emotional and hard-fought, with Georgia coming out on top, 33-28. But it also featured some questionable behavior, with Georgia accusing the Commodores of dirty play and unnecessary cut blocking.

Bulldogs safety Shawn Williams was flagged twice for personal fouls and defensive lineman Kwame Geathers was flagged for throwing a punch at Vandy center Logan Stewart after a play was over.

While both coaches have refused to publicly state exactly what was said, Franklin has acknowledged that he vented some frustrations and, when he couldn’t find Georgia head coach Mark Richt at midfield in the postgame crowd, voiced his issues who Grantham, who proceeded to go ballistic. The two eventually had to be separated by security and a Vanderbilt player.

Franklin said he was able to connect with Richt later to discuss things and considers the whole issue put to rest. We’ll see if SEC officials agree.

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