Sometimes you'll hear a news story, and the first reaction is the best reaction. We had a "Savage" caller into our radio show Monday morning who was responding to the news that President Joe Biden was concerned about the cyberattack that shut down a pipeline serving the East Coast.

Isn't that the same Joe Biden that attacked and shut down a pipeline here in Montana (the Keystone Pipeline)? Wait, so now Joe Biden is concerned about a pipeline because it serves New York, but when it would bring in $50-100 million to Montana- he was the guy attacking the pipeline and shutting it down?

Here's part of the call from Tim in Savage, Montana:

Tim: I just got a kick out of Joe Biden saying, 'well, it's all hands on deck to protect the pipeline.' What about the pipeline that he just kind of wiped off the face of the map out here? That's not all hands on deck to protect the pipelines out here that can fuel a country?

Flint: And what about climate change? He should be thanking this criminal outfit for shutting down an American pipeline, because that's exactly what Joe Biden Biden did.  Oh, they do it and they are bad guys. Joe Biden shuts down a pipeline, and he's he's a good guy who cares about the climate. But some criminals shut down a pipeline on the East Coast? They should be getting an award from John Kerry and Joe Biden.

Here's the full audio of Tim Tharp responding to the news with Aaron Flint:

He's got a point, doesn't he?


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