This Saturday kicks off the biggest fundraiser for one of the most important nonprofits not only for Bozeman but for the state of Montana. The Help Center is a life-saving tool for us. For over 50 years, the Help Center has been available for any and all mental health worries. We all know someone who has gone through difficult times or been in a situation that is not safe for them or maybe it is not safe for the kids, the Help Center is open 24/7 for calls and will help.

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With an increase in calls to the Help Center, especially during the pandemic, having funds available to provide safety for our residents is in high demand. There are many different ways you can donate to this amazing organization. You can click HERE to go straight to the website to donate or you can participate in events they have around town. This Saturday is the biggest fundraiser for the Help Center and that is because of you, the people, who are constantly giving back. The "Run For Your Life" event starts at 10 am. This is a 5k run/walk event that will bring awareness to suicide prevention. There will be a kid's run with a fun obstacle course to participate in as well! It is a great way to talk to your kids about the importance of using their voices and standing up for themselves or maybe a friend of theirs that doesn't have a safe home.

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Dress up in Halloween costumes, dress up the dog, and dress up the kids and come and raise money AND awareness. A great tradition to start with your family. You can get your map, registration information, and all of the details HERE. Come out and support the community and bring awareness to Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention.

The 24/7 Crisis Line phone number is: 406.586.3333

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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