In politics, vying for attention can be a difficult feat, what with all the scandalous love affairs, dishonest financial antics and hot-button social issues.

But it appears that Romanian lawmaker Edmond Talmacean may have found a way to catch the public's eye.

His method? Dancing.

Yep, the 40-year-old politician busted out some Michael Jackson-inspired movies during a recent television interview, along with impersonations of the late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

"Dancing is another kind of political message to appeal to the younger generation ... It is good to have fun," he told the Associated Press on Monday.

Talmacean has garnered a lot of attention for his, uh, moves - but not all of it has been positive. Prime Minister Emic Boc has said that the Bucharest politician's moves are better for showbiz, and Democratic Liberal Vasile Blaga has suggested he go on 'Dancing with the Stars' instead. Ouch.

See the moves for yourself in the video below.

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